Friday, May 22, 2009

So this is my last time sitting in this little internet cafe... atleast until I come back. I will be coming back and next time I think it would be fun to bring someone and continue traveling throughout South America. There´s so many things that I want to see! I decided to go with Sean and Ryan yesterday into Lima and I am so glad I did. We went in early and saw the huge Basilica and two of the famous monastaries (Santo Domingo and San Franciscan). I was in complete awe of how beautiful these places were! The monastaries were decorated in this gorgeous Spanish tile and both had libraries overflowing with books dating all the way back to the 16th century. We went to the more ritzy part of the city and ate lunch (we decided to eat a gringo restaurant since we´re burnt out on beans and rice). Then we spent the rest of the day shopping in markets where I found some jewelery and hats! One thing that is funny about Lima is that there are always about six stores in a row that sell all the same stuff. There were definitely some parts of the city where people looked at our skin like we were from another planet. Police officers actually stopped us and asked us if we were lost. There are some pretty parts of Lima, but the poor parts are really poor... to the extreme.
We ate a small dinner at a tapas and wine bar then headed to the Brisas of Titicaca, a traditional show of Peruvian dancers. It was fun because everyone can get up and dance during the dancers´ breaks. Their costumes were incredibly detailed and bright. My favorite was a huge gorilla running around. I thought I´d be adventurous and ordered this drink called the Machu Pichu and it was actually disgusting, but it looked cool with about six different colors. Our day trip to Lima was a fun way to wind down my trip, but I am glad I get to spend today with the kids. The taxi is coming to take me to the airport tonight after the kids sing and pray. I´m taking the redeye to Atlanta and I will be in around 8 am.
Although I am sad to say goodbye, I am so happy that I came to the Hogar when I did. Just in two weeks, I have developed more patience than I ever thought was possible. Being here has given me the oppurtunity to interact with people that live an entirely different life than me. The childrens´ stories and backgrounds make me even more grateful for my life, my family and all of the blessings God has given me. It´s easier now to laugh at the problems I think I have sometimes (when they are actually not problems at all). My eyes are opened wider after being with people who live in unfortunate conditions but continue to be full of joy. Besides, what is there not to be joyful about in this life?

Chao amigos.

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